About Our Instructors


Tim Rook

Tim Rook (Manassas, Virginia) KMU Instructor. Krav Maga 1st Degree Black Belt earned from Ernie Kirk, KMU and recognized by the Israel Martial Arts Organization. Certified Level 4 Instructor from Krav Maga Universal. Israel’s Wingate Institute Practical Krav Maga Instructor Certified.

Started martial arts training in 2002 with Taekwondo and trained in various TKD organizations eventually being recognized as a 3rd Degree Black Belt. Competed with the American Taekwondo Association to become State Champ in sparring. Level 3 Specialty Certified Instructor in ATA Taekwondo.

Brazilian Jiujitsu journey started in 2009 with Noel Danforth and currently holds a purple belt rank. Competed in various competitions from IBJJF, US Grappling, The Good Fight, New Breed.

Owner of Premier Martial Arts Manassas, VA. Recognized as a 2nd Degree Black Belt from Premier Martial Arts International. Instructor Performance College Certified Instructor. Premier Krav Maga Instructor Certified. Seminars taught include: Krav Maga Orientation, Counter Car Jacking, Knife Edge Weapons, Gun Defense Workshop, 3rd Party Defense, Multiple Attacker Seminar, Active Shooter, Kickboxing for Fighting, Ground Fighting, Adult Self Defense Principles & Mindset, Women Self Defense.

Tim Rook is recognized in his community as Top 40 Under 40 Potomac Magazine. Recently was interviewed in an article for Krav Maga as a growing trend for practical self defense. Currently writing a Thesis on Krav Maga Training for Children and Teens. His book on the topic of bully defense will be published in early 2018.

He is a Certified Instructor from Premier Kidz Foundation with years of community service giving back to his hometown through teaching local School Talk Presentations on Bully Proof, ABC’s of Success, Karate for Concentration, and for local churches and groups teaching Women Self Defense Workshops.

Tim Rook is dedicated to the success of his students and community achieving their best potential in fitness, self protection, and personal development.

Jeff Crow

Jeff Crow (PMA Austin) KMU Instructor.

Mr Crow is a very skilled martial artist located in the South West region of Austin Texas. He is a 4th Dan American Karate under Steve Doss and a 1st Dan Premier Martial Arts International. He has also travel to Israel to study Krav Maga where he is a Wingate certified Krav Maga Practical Instructor. An Advanced Black Belt Instructor for Premier Martial Arts he pushes his own skillsets to further enhance his students. Keen to develop his KMU firearms knowledge he has also passed various courses with Elite Firearms and Self Defense taking him to a training level higher than most Law Enforcement officers. He also likes dogs.

Curt Norcini

Curt Norcini (Ernie Kirk's Krav Maga) KMU Instructor.

Curt is a larger than life man whose power and presence are at odds with his gentle nature. He is a Krav Maga 2nd degree Black Belt under Mr Kirk and assists with many classes at Ernie Kirk's school in West Chester PA. He has also traveled to Wingate in Israel and passed many instructional courses in both Krav Maga and firearms training. A very successful Attorney Mr Norcini gives valuable insights into the legal ramifications of using Krav Maga in the modern world where confrontations are Monday morning quarter backed by the casual observer.

Alice McCleary

Alice McCleary (PMA Powder Springs, GA) KMU Instructor.

Alice is a Level 5 KMU Instructor and Brown Belt with KMU. She aslo is certified under KMF. 7th Degree Black Belt in the Chuck Norris System, 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Judo, 1st Degree in Shotokan and a Blue Belt in BJJ.

A certified coach in Judo and through the Chuck Norris System Master Program, Alice brings a depth of skill to her classes. Also certified in Active Shooter Response training she has demonstrated all round tactical awareness skills.