We are educators looking to make you the expert!  We are a community of instructors, not one voice with one idea.  When you are part of Krav Maga Universal your opinion matters, your “why?” matters, and your skill set matters.  You don’t have to unlearn what you already know to benefit from the principles we teach. Krav Maga is no longer for the 1%.  Train the universal tactics, mindsets, and principles of self-defense that can build YOU into an expert in your field.

Our goal is for you to gain more students, more opportunities for training and growth, establish International credibility and recognition, and make you part of this international family.


EDUCATION!  We have packages for the individual and the school owner, for the non-KMU affiliate and the KMU affiliate, for the intermediate practitioner and the expert practitioner.  We do this through case study reviews, technique videos, drills to keep classes exciting, lesson planning to build classes, online learning, international learning and teaching, and so much more!  Everything is designed with you in mind. Easy access, everything in one place, and one on one coaching. This format of layered learning will transform you from a practitioner who knows the techniques to an expert who understands how to make those techniques work.

Our directors and board members hold advanced rank not only in Krav Maga but other martial arts.  We have active and retired military, active and retired law enforcement, company CEO’s, physical therapists, international Krav Maga practitioners, a direct link to Israel, TACMED experts, expert marksmen, RSOs, attorneys, adult education qualified teachers and Golden Glove boxers.  But who we are transcends the belts and the certifications. We are a community of people looking to improve the safety, integrity, and lives of our members while inginiting the spark for the everyday person to train.