We are a group of dedicated, experienced, and skilled martial arts and combat sports practitioners.  Our cadre include Counter Terrorism experts, Movement Specialists, Law Enforcement Officers, Military personnel, Golden Gloves Boxers, Championship Kickboxers, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors, International Instructors & leaders, Wingate Institute Representatives, moms, dads, professors, lawyers, teachers, and me Ernie Kirk.  

I was a school teacher, an everyday martial artist who loved to teach.  It was my knowledge, my method of teaching, my ability to connect to the student, and my insight that set me apart.  I began to not only be asked, but be sought after to teach as an instructor for the Department of Defense, for Pre-Deployment training for military personnel deploying to high threat and uncertain environments at joint base M/D/L, the ACADEMI, and lead instructor for a mobile training team that taught AFSCOC Flight Deck Denial and Special Operations Planning Excercises.  I have written curriculum that has been approved throught the DoD, FAM, USAF and Wingate Institute in Isreal. Local, state and Federal Law enforcement agencies request not only me but also instructors I have trained, to participate in simmunitions scenarios and defensive tactics instruction. I was made the US representative to the Wingate Institute in Israel, and continue to teach internationally. I have established International Krav Camp, a shooting and hand to hand weekend featuring intructors from all over the world and now being offered in Europe and Israel. I can help you do the same.


Krav Maga Universal can provide you with the same education, and the same depth of knowledge that I have learned through my 38 years of training martial arts, my experience as a school teacher and professional educator to make you the sought after expert.  You will be the Instructor of Instructors, not only because you are a martial artist or a combat fighter, but because you can teach to all populations.


As part of the Krav Maga Universal family, you are the main focus, your success is paramount.  We can take you to the next level.