Krav Maga Universal

be the Instructor of Instructors, not only because of your skill and fighting ability, but because you can teach to all populations. Set yourself up for SUCCESS!

Quality Krav Maga Training

Krav Maga is known worldwide as being one of the most relevant and effective self defense martial art systems.  Krav Maga Universal is proud to be one of the most up to date and progressive Krav Maga organizations and the training you will receive is some of the best available in the world. 


KMU is intended to be an inclusive and progressive training program committed to improving the lives of its members and helping to promote and practice the best self defense tactics and skills


KMU has a core curriculum which mirrors the Krav Maga taught in any of the other major organizations, however, KMU also incorporates other ideas and Principles from other systems with the purpose of giving its members options and a wider understanding of combat.

KMU is not an "exclusive" organization

Members are free to, in fact are encourage, to train with other instructors, systems and groups to better themselves and bring new thinking back to KMU

We are a principle based system: remove the threat, counter to create a stop in action, get away.


This is a 3 day adventure of hand to hand and firearm training!  Register today!

Hosted by KMU affiliate Catalyst Krav Maga in Kansas City, KS